Building A specific app idea

As outlined in the last #accessibleapp blog post, the project has a backlog repository on GitHub where everyone can join in and comment on existing, or suggest new features. Even though we are still early in the planning phase, favourite features are emerging for the first iteration of demo app. The task is now to glue these features together to a demo app.

What do you mean by "demo app"?

One of the main aims of this project is to offer concrete (development) advice on building an inclusive web app. I think, to offer concrete advice, you have to do this with an concrete example. The example of choice for the team was a todo app. But I think, #accessibleapp should find an own example case.

My idea: A Bookstore app

One idea could be to glue all of the current favourites together in a bookstore single page app. And not just any bookstore, but an online store where you can get great accessibility resources. Here's a wireframe how this app could look like:

Wireframe: Header with Hamburger Icon, Buttons. Main content with a data table of Accessibility books

Legend for this sketch:

  1. Off Canvas drawer holding a main menu (see backlog issue #15)
  2. This button could open a pop over menu (with links like "Past orders", "Log out"), (see backlog issue #6)
  3. This link stands for "Keyboard accessibility / focus management" (see backlog issue #2)
  4. This Button opens a modal window (see backlog issue #3) with information about the particular book
  5. This button puts the selected book into your shopping cart. Two things should then happen:
  6. The list of books should be sortable by year of publication, price, title, author (see backlog issue #12)

    As always, I'm eager what you think of it. Is it scalable enough? I think so, since we would establish a general e-commerce context. If you'd like to share feedback, feel free to do that in the aforementioned backlog repo, or ping me on Twitter or Mastodon. Thanks!

    Oh, and since you are here and show interest in building inclusive web applications: Last week, I had the opportunity to talk with Michael Berger from Basecamp and his efforts to approving the software's accessibility: "Improving Basecamp's accessibility - Interview with Michael Berger on how to make an existing web app more inclusive"

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