(Incomplete) List of web app accessibility folks

Caution! This article was published over a year ago, and hasn't been updated since. Situation, software and support of the topic below could have changed in the meantime.

Literally minutes ago from when I started writing this, Marcy Sutton announced that she will soon start to work as Head Of Learning at the GatsbyJS project. And this is really awesome news - especially for the inclusiveness of modern JavaScript application and widgets - and for the most pressing problems in accessibility: developer education, communication, rising awareness and suppling tools and techniques. I'm not suggesting that wasn't part of her previous job at Deque - which was, among other roles - Developer Advocate. But, in my opinion, the emphasis on the popular React framework, more explicitly Gatsby (a, or rather the GraphQL powered, static site generator), is a smart move to really reach the mainstream web developer.

So, let's do an inventory of accessibility efforts, projects or educators for the big frameworks specificially and respectivly, and people who care and teach about JavaScript accessibility in general (I'm 100% sure that I'll forget to mention people, projects, even frameworks - please ping me on twitter or via mail [at] marcus-herrmann.com if you want to add to the list):



  • Vuetify is based on Google's Material Design System which supplies a solid accessible foundation for Vue components
  • Alan Ktquez, Callum McRae, Victoria Bergquist and others have started the vue-a11y project and, until the time of writing, released vue-axe, vue announcer and vue skipto.
  • Maria Lamardo teaches a course about accessibility on VueSchool.io
  • Oscar Braunert gives great talks and starts great projects regarding accessibility in Vue (on of them is tournant UI)
  • Austin Gil built vuetensils, a helper component library with accessibility in mind.
  • VueVixens offer a half day workshop called "Build an Accessible Memory Game". Anyone interested could read all of its structure and contents, and find all necessary code on a dedicated page.


(I must confess, I have no overview of the angular a11y world, so I can only present the one Angular finding in my "accessibility" bookmarks)


  • Melanie Sumner is an EmberJS core member, works for LinkedIn and focuses on the development of better accessibility tooling for JavaScript developers.


  • Heydon Pickering, of course. Although saying he just writes about accessibility of modern JavaScript would be an understatement. He has a specialized blog and ebook about building inclusive components, though.
  • Emiliy Mears both writes about inclusive strategies for React and Vue on Medium
  • Rob Dodson, who published, among other things the great a11ycasts video series, which has a large overlap with the accessibility of web apps
  • Deque has to ressources:
    • Cauldron - "A fullyaccessibleHTML, CSS, and Javascript front-end framework for creating web and mobile applications". Since React support is coming soon I will move Cauldron to the React section, once it hits the shelves
    • An ARIA Widget Library, over at the Deque Academy, which is also highly recommended for educational reasons
  • Lindsey Kopacz is currently preparing an online course about JavaScript and accessibility - something of which there is still too little at the moment. If you want to stay informed about when the course launches, subscribe to her newsletter.
  • Suzanne Aitchison runs upyoura11y (I love a got pun!) where she offers tutorials and resources for developers seeking to build accessible web experiences. Currently it has a focus on React. I think it is a good complement to the current (involuntary) focus on Vue.js on accessible-app.com!

My aim would be to update this very blog post very frequently in the near and medium-term future. In the near future because I surely forgot people and projects, medium-term because I expect the web app/Single Page App/web component expertise to grow. A development that, given the way we put content and functionality on the web today, is imperative.


  • 2019-01-17:
    • Added designsystem.gov.au / React
    • Added Deque's ressources / General
  • 2019-01-23
    • Added Scott Vinkle & Demo App / React
  • 2019-01-28
    • Added Lindsey Kopacz / General
  • 2020-02-20
    • Added Melanie Sumner / EmberJS
    • Added Maria Lamardo / Vue
    • Added Oscar Braunert / Vue
    • Added Austin Gil / Vue
  • 2020-02-21
    • Added Suzanne Aitchison / General
    • Added VueVixens' a11y workshop
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