It's about time

Today a discussion on twitter arose, started by this tweet from Sara Soueidan (Read the full discussion):

And yes, I do fully agree. It happened more than once that I was researching some particular web development topic and was being confronted with timeless articles, speaking of timeless "Internet Explorer", "Firefox" or "Opera". No indication on what version could have said bug, if said workarounds are either still necessary or obsolete all along. Both additionally and ironically, even the blog design page itself sometimes does not serve as a clue - thanks to the concept of theming.

But what's sometimes even worse in my opinion - incomplete time stamps. So your post was published on March, 20th. Congratulations. But what year?

Fellow bloggers (cough) and web developers (cough with self esteem): We're all in the same boat. A boat that's on a very fast stream, with new information, tools and approaches around every corner. And this industry's willingness to share knowledge is really awesome and helping us all. So please go the extra mile (which is no extra mile at all, because shorten or hide a timestamp should be more work than just outputting it) and get a date put a date on it. Thanks!