Accessible React component libraries

Caution! This article was published over a year ago, and hasn't been updated since. Situation, software and support of the topic below could have changed in the meantime.

It may be fact or selective perception on my part, but I got the impression that more and more React component systems built with accessibility in mind are emerging. In any way – this is a great development. In this little blog post I will try to collect my findings so far (please reach out to me via Twitter or eMail if you happen to know of more resources!)

It would be great to have such a list for other frameworks as well in the future (I'm looking at you, Vue). But to practice what I preach, I'm actually preparing an accessible component library for Vue. Unfortunately, I started way too much (side) projects this year and actually have to do some client work to keep the lights on – in this respect, the release of said library could take some more time…

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