Resolutions for 2018

Caution! This article was published over a year ago, and hasn't been updated since. Situation, software and support of the topic below could have changed in the meantime.

And now for something very, very original: New year's resolutions in blogs. Yes, I'm sure that I must have invented that.

Anyway: I already more or less publicly committed to things on Twitter, after @helloanselm friendly asked. I also stumbled upon Christoph Rumpel's 2017 retrospective yesterday where he reviews his resolutions he made a year ago. That made me think of writing an article and explaining what I mean.

So here are mine (they may be familiar if you read my answer to Anselm's tweet:

Publish at least one article a month (and this one doesn't count.)

I managed to do that for December (Screenguide #37, print, german) and January ( "At your service", german). So let's continue in this interval. Currently, I'm gathering material for another article on EU's General Data Protection Regulation (here's a link to the first one, "A web freelancer in GDPR land: Down the rabbit-hole").

Concentrate on modern content editing

Not only with WordPress's Gutenberg a.k.a. The Editing Experience Revolution on the horizon, exciting things are happening in the Content Management Sphere: More and more CMS embrace the concept on Matrix fields, meaning the composition of a content page out of pre-defined widgets (for example Craft CMS, ProcessWire or Kirby). And the Drupal team is working on similar features as well. So this topic should be more than worth our attention!

Help organise @a11yberlin

One little idea in the BarCamp part of a11yclub #6 led to something that should have been there before: An accessibility meeting here in Berlin. But it hasn't, and we changed that! So if you are reading this before 16th of January, 2018 and happen to be in Berlin: Join us there!

Finally, refresh my website

As the saying goes, "the cobbler's children have no shoes". So my "official" website has been idle for a long time now and just consists of contact information, and that was totally fine. But now I feel like I should tell and advertise more about the services I offer. So, my commitment: by the end of the year I will have revamped

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